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Ahhhh, I knew you would check out this part.

The nature of my images are so unique, it is tough to price everything the same. Because of this, it is best to contact me and we can discuss what you need, and I will gladly provide you an estimate.

Images for advertising, let me know about your job and we can discuss pricing.

For the High School Seniors, I do have a basic package and the investment for the yearbook image starts at $250.00.

I do not have package print deals, I feel you are being forced into buying items you may not want.

I will gladly work with you on an "a la carte" route. That way you get exactly what you want.

Please include the school you attend so I can make sure I meet their specifications and deadlines.

I look forward to working with you. If at any times you have a question, just ask, that is what I am here for.

315 506-3116 or



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